High Quality Brake Hose From U.S.A
Beautiful, durable, high heat resistance, responsive to every brake.

BrakeQuip high efficiency stainless steel brake hose for cars.

BrakeQuip was founded in 1998 in Tennessee, United States.

Focus on Do It Yourself (DIY) program for making automotive tubes and hoses. We are selling specialty tools, fittings and equipment, Programs for brakes and clutch, Programs for power steering and Programs for fuel lines.

High Pressure Receiver

Test to extremely high pressure


Compared to the actual use in cars only 2200 psi
Stainless steel brake hose, can improve safety and increase efficiency. BrakeQuip is a stainless steel brake hose that is resistant to high temperatures and pressures up to 3000 psi.

Brake hose warranty

Lifetime warranty

Brake hose has designed in 3 layers.
To prevent the leakage of brake fluid, Increase strength and reduce the expansion of the brake hose.

Able to order brake hose as custom-made
and support all models of vehicles

The line can ordered to the length and joint fittings according to the type of
customer brake hose. Assembled by well-trained experts in Thailand.

Available in many colors such as red, black, blue and clear.