“ We are the auto parts manufacturer in Thailand ”


“ We are the auto parts manufacturer in Thailand. ”
BJ Motor Parts We are OEM spare parts manufacturer for brake disc, brake drum, brake pads, high performance caliper kits and rear conversion kits in Thailand. We have been in the industry more than 30 years. Our factory is ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified for the automotive industry and many certificates from OEM manufacturers. We have our own technical center. We work closely with our racing teams to test our products in a variety of extreme conditions.

We can assure you of the best quality and service at an affordable price.


Brand History


  • Established Bunjong Motor Limited Partnership, operated as a buy and sell business, initially selling spare parts to Express Transport Organization

  • Invented and produced the Power Super Cleaner machine.


  • Started production of replacement parts for trucks. Starter gear head, truck leaf spring shaft, water rail pipe

  • Started trading with Hino Motorsale Co., Ltd.


  • Starting produce truck brake cylinders is considered a turning point for the way. Bunjong Motor Limited Partnership


  • Started a steel lathe business.

  • Started to produce car spare parts, shafts, brake cylinders, clutch pumps, and to produce general spare parts.

  • Established a brake lining  factory at Prachachuen


  • Office moved from Ban Bat area to Soi Worachak Shopping Center.


  • Bought an area for building a factory in the Phutthamonthon Sai 4 area.


  • Established “BJ Motor Parts Company Limited”

  • Accepting the production of lathe work and the production of general spare parts, in the beginning, most of the work will be brake cylinder products, brake pump type.

  • Moved the brake pad factory from Prachachuen area to Phutthamonthon Sai 4 factory.


  • Established “Banjong Industry Co., Ltd.” at Phutthamonthon Sai 4 factory.


  • Import furnaces from England and construction of a foundry to prepare for production at our  factory


  • Started produce general castings and produce customer own products.


  • Made products for Hitachi including motor jackets, motor parts, motor covers

  • Produce hand crank for Singer Company


  • Started producing our brand products under brand name “BJ”. The main products are brake disc, brake drum, brake pad, brake cylinder, brake master cylinders, master cylinders, clutch master cylinders, products are mainly focused on trucks.


  • started export our products to other country. there are Philippines, Malaysia, Japan.


  • Joint investment with a company from Singapore to import ABS braking system to sell in Thailand.


  • Started producing OE brake disc under Runstop brand.


  • Officially established the Runstop brand. with trademark registration.


  • Banjong Industrial Co., Ltd. received ISO 9001 : 2000 RWTUV, GERMANY

  • Caliper R1 are available under the Runstop brand.

  • Start converting the system from drum to disc brakes.

  • Started selling products in Europe including America, France, Romania, Mauritius.


  • Intellectual property registration caliper brake and rear conversion kit.

  • Rear conversion kit model Fortuner 2004 is a new innovation. that has been well received

  • Started production of two piece type brake disc.


  • Modify the 1st Runstop brand symbol.

  • Obtained ISO 16949 : 2002 Form URS England

  • Runstop products are fully entered into the Motor Sport program.

  • Runstop products are used at the race course in Hong Kong, China.


  • Runstop brand received SMEs innovation Award.
  • New caliper 2 pot model “R2” available.


  • One piece type brake disc and two piece type brake disc for oversize brake disc (using original caliper) has been very popular


  • New caliper 4 pot model “R3” available.


  • New caliper 4 pot model “R4” available.

  • New caliper 6 pot model “R6” available.


  • Established the Runstop Drift Team.


  • New caliper 6 pot model “R8” monoblock type available.


  • New caliper 6 pot model “Karrera” available.

  • New caliper 4 pot model “Karrera mini” available.

  • New caliper 4 pot model “RS1” available.


  • B.J. Motor Parts we are distributors of Valeo brand products from France.

  • B.J. Motor Parts we are distributor of Hi-Q brand products from South Korea.


  • Imported carbon ceramic brake disc under the Runstop brand.

  • B.J. Motor Parts we are distributor of Brake Quip brand products from America.

  • B.J. Motor Parts we are distributor of Koni brand products from the Netherlands


  • Modify the 2nd Runstop brand symbol.

  • Production of golf cart parts for general use


  • Wheel hubs for small trucks available.

  • Brake disc for transport vehicles available

  • Designed a drum to disc conversion kit for buses and sold to BMTA.


  • Runstop brake discs made from High-Carbon.

  • Caliper set R8 6 pot installed in a safety car used in the ISUZU One Make Race

  • New design for brake disc “F-SC” available


  • New caliper 6 pot model “R39” monoblock type available.

  • New caliper 4 pot model “R29” monoblock type available


  • New design for caliper R3 4pot available


  • Launch of Aero series oversize disc with Aluminium hub


  • B.J. Motor Parts Company is a distributor representing Ate brand products from Germany.